Connecting sources with journalists

Welcome to the holding site for the project. This site aims to be a repository for methods and tools to help connect anonymous sources and whistle-blowers with talented, connected independent journalists who will make the best use of source material. This project is not aligned with any specific news outlet. It is not aimed at helping a source gain access to any information they may not already have. It is not going to be a publishing platform. It will be a resource to speed the flow of highly newsworthy information to journalists who will have the expertise, ethics and talent to make the most out of it.

Whistle blowers don't often know where to go

It's difficult to be someone looking to expose corruption or wrongdoing, particularly when you're on the inside. Not everyone wants that to be their defining moment. People don't always want to sacrifice their freedom, profession, family lives or even their safety. And they shouldn't have to. This project can mediate that exchange.

investigative journalists don't always have the resources

The most qualified journalists for some source material may not be working in a news organisation with the resources to invest in highly secure methods to recieve sensitive information. This project is aimed at pairing source material with the right journalist, not a specific news outlet. It will focus on independent journalists who may be stringers or freelance, but who have deep background and areas of specific expertise in legal issues, technology, environment, sciences, conflict and so forth. The project will also be aimed at those with established publishing histories and high ethical standards for working with confidential sources and working with confidential information.

What's with the name?

I know! Creepy, right? 'Poison.Kitchen' is based on what Hitler had once dubbed the Münchener Post (Munich Post), a newspaper that critiqued each of his speeches, policies and actions, and only stopped when the SS were sent to close the paper down and arrest it’s staff. It may sound earily familiar today, with fans of the U.S. president chanting “Lügenpresse,” (meaning, the “lying press") at rallies, and press freedom on the decline. One paper may be easy to target, but by empowering journalists who work independently, we can create a much sturdier, decentralised network that can better withstand the current attacks on investigative journalism.

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We will be creating more secure methods of contact soon. In the meanwhile, find emails and an associated PGP encryption key here.

Watch this space.