Working with confidential sources

This site will be rolling out various methods for sources to reach out to journalists without first needing a strong understanding of digital security. It aims to help sources gain the specific information they need to prepare for the task of transmitting the information they have, communicating with journalists safely and making sure they keep a minimal digital footprint while doing so. It aims to deal with the technical, legal and psycho-social aspects of revealing information without revealing identity.

Resources for journalists working with confidential sources and information

NOTE: This is a fairly brief collection from what's out there. This site will be curating from the best and applying its own guidance into a document to be found here.

An ethical framework

One of the aims of this project is to establish an ethical framework, mostly in the form of a checklist and set of best practices, for investigative journalists working with anonymous or covert sources and whistle blowers and the material they share. Broadly, the framework will fall under headings such as these...

Cultivating a roster of independent, investigative journalists directly accessible through our platforms

This project will be hosting secure methods for sources to contact journalists. Often times, freelance or independent journalists have deep knowledge of a topic, region or some area of expertise, but will not be in a position to have access to the secure tools that a large news organisation has. Those meeting this projects criteria can have access to these and even steer potential sources to them. This section will be developed, but generally speaking, the journalists would need to criterial under the following areas:

Watch this space.