What it's all about

This project aims to be something of a matchmaking service. It is not going to be a repository of leaks or anonymously sourced information. It does not publish anything. It doesn't offer any advice on how someone can hack, gain access to or steal any information. It is aimed at helping those who have access to information of extreme news value to discreetly reach out to investigative jouranlists who will be best placed to analyze, verify and report on what they have to offer.


One aim of the site will be to host or link to a growing body of resources that will help both sources and journalists, including (but far from limited to)...

Secure platforms

Poison.Kitchen will either host or offer gateways to highly secure means to reach out to investigative journalists. This may start with a list of links, but the site will over time start offering targeted, direct access to jouranlists with specific areas of expertsise who are looking for material covering specific topics. Watch this space.

A roster of independent investigative journalists

The project's aim is to leverage platforms for sources to anonomysouly reach out to journalists through the site, either those who will be listed here, along with their profies and areas of expertise, or to be a place where sources can send information to securely, along with a request that the material be securely transmitted to a jouranlist of the source's own choosing, creating an air gap between the source and the journalist.

An ethical framework

Any journalists listed on this site for direct contact will agree to ethical guidelines (to be published here) in both journalism and in working with highly sensetive information, and in working with anonymous sources or those willing to communicate only on deep background.

Watch this space.